IoT platform of NTT DATA
to collect and distribute
the information of various “Things”

IoT platform service “ANYSENSE®

“ANYSENSE” is an IoT platform service with the further developing IoT technology for mainly social infrastructure. It achieves a creative business environment with minimum investment. “ANYSENSE” provides the function of “Connect”, “Accumulate” and “Utilize” the data of on-site equipment.

Manage multiple facilities altogether by utilizing sensors etc. Improve the factory productivity with data in high-speed communication. ANYSENSE is able to utilize a variety
of businesses.
Simple cooperation with a variety of applications to accumulate a large volume of data.
Connect quickly with a variety of diverse environments such as wireless and wired line. The cost reduction is possible
by using multiple terminals/servers

High performance of the optimal solution simply and safely

  • Simple Connection

    Possible to connect quickly by the software function which acquires data from various on-site devices, meters, sensors and machines etc. Enable to connect to the center quickly by the software functions accomplishing the Cloud center and bidirectional data communication system utilizing the acquired data in an optimal protocol.

  • High performance

    Remote operations and a large data transmission such as images by MQTT. Additionally, the faster process is possible from adopting in-memory type of KVS. Improved fault tolerance in case of emergency by storing the distributed data. Easy to extend the server expansion due to the distribution type.

  • Enable to modularize

    Software is modularized in ANYSENSE. High scalability such as selecting the function from necessary requirements, modularizing the configuration or adding a new module. Possible to select a variety of connections (3G/wired line/optical line etc.) for a suitable configuration environment.