Private case

Compile the data collected from the factory automation(FA) system or the factory production on-site device then send instantly to Cloud. In collaboration with the analysis infrastructure, help to improve the business efficiency. Also FA and IoT are cooperating in the factory and improve more productable machine control and the condition of the operation.

Improvement of line productivity in factories and plants

ANYSENSE accomplishes analysis, visualization and simulation in order to improve the productivity in factories and plants

The contents of “Utilize”

  • Statistical analysis (Past)

    ・3D Playback
    ・Production line and
    power statistic of equipment

  • Visualization (Present)

    ・Displaying operational
    status such as 3D
    ・Production line/Power statistic
    information of equipment

  • Control simulation (Future)

    ・Failure prevention
    ・3D simulator
    ・Power contro

Obtain the status of
machine and people
High speed and
mass transmission

Remote maintenance for products

Provide remote maintenance and preventive maintenance in both overseas and Japan aftermarket. Due to this, we aim to improve the service and reduce the labour cost in the field service.

The contents of “Utilize”

  • Remote maintenance

    ・Remote monitoring
    ・Abnormality detection

  • Preventive maintenance

    ・Remote maintenance
    ・Predictive detection

Support low cost
connection of MVNO
Possible to install only software.
(Conditions may apply)
Support World Wide