ANYSENSE® service contents

ANYSENSE standard service

  • ・We provide “data transmission services”, “field connection services” and “field terminal services” as standard services of ANYSENSE.
  • ・Upon considering implementation, we will propose or consult for suitable customer’s situations after concluding NDA.
  • ・ In the case that customising ANYSENSE is required(such as there is an on-site equipment-PLC etc.- and unable to connect normally to ANYSENSE) or we undertake additional development for system/contents of customer’s business, we will ask for more details and propose the optimized solution.
  • ・Standard system configuration is as below however, we will reconsider details for our customer’s request.

ANYSENSE service range

ANYSENSE service contents

  • Data transmission services

    Collect data from on-site device, primary accumulated data and deliver the data to customer’s business system

  • Field connection service

    We provide a connection to connect between on-site and Cloud.
    ※We will consult individually when
    the customer prepares a connection
    by themselves.

  • Field terminal service

    We provide a field terminal to be installed on-site.
    ※We will consult individually when
    the customer prepares the field terminal
    by themselves.